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Cellulose microcrystalline CAS : 9004-34-6

Description : 

CAS Number : 9004-34-6

Other Names : Cellulose microcrystalline

Chemical Names :  Diethylaminoethyl cellulose

Molecular Formula : C6H10O5

Molecular Weight : 342.297 g/mol

State : white fine powder

Purity: ≥99.5%

Chemical Structure :


1-5kg: Aluminum Foil outside with plastic bag inside;

25kg and more: Cardboard drum outside with Aluminum and plastic bag inside;

Also be packed at customers' requirements.

Shipping way could be DHL,UPS,TNT,EMS,Fedex,and so on.

For big orders, it will be delivered by air or sea.

Payments :  

L/C; T/T; Western Union; Money Gram; Bitcoins

Details :

from CAMEO Chemicals

DEAE-cellulose is used as a food additive [EAFUS] ("EAFUS: Everything Added to Food in the United States.

from Human Metabolome Database (HMDB)

A polysaccharide with glucose units linked as in CELLOBIOSE. It is the chief constituent of plant fibers, cotton being the purest natural form of the substance. As a raw material, it forms the basis for many derivatives used in chromatography, ion exchange materials, explosives manufacturing, and pharmaceutical preparations.

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